When is it “Your Business?”

Recently, while at the local watering hole (I work there), I found myself witnessing a family dispute. The dispute was between the owner and her cousin, who was drunk off his ass and seated on his motor cycle ready to drive home. He had already knocked the bike over once and she proceeded to scream in his face, an act he belligerently ignored.
I told the owner to call the cops. I mean, that’s what they’re there for, right? To enforce the law upon those too stupid and/or out of control to make the right decisions that are in the best interest of themselves and the public.
The owner basically told me to fuck off because it wasn’t my business and to go inside. She said that you can’t call the cops on family.
In my personal opinion, she has a history of making it my business and everyone else’s business for that matter. Her and her husband drink at their own bar. That’s the biggest no-no in owning a bar. She also serves her family at the bar. Also a huge mistake.
As for calling the cops on family, I believe that is the only thing left in the book that could help this forty-something year old man realize the consequences of his actions. If he had decided to just drive off after she screamed in his face and then he had gotten into an accident and died or killed a person, then it would be her fault because she was the one who allowed him to drink at her establishment despite the fact that he has a history of drinking too much and because she failed to alert the proper authorities on the matter who could hold him in a safe place until he could think clearly again.
At the very least, she should put him on probation in her bar. No alcohol served to him for a certain period of time.
Let me know what you think!!!

Teens: Here’s My Advice… Birth Control


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There are many forms of birth control.
The safest, most sure way of preventing pregnancy and STIs is, of course, abstinence. This means keeping the two “danger zones” from coming into contact (leaving hands and lips to wander at will) 🙂
The second best method, in my eyes, is to use a condom with a spermicide.
(Spermicide foam can also be purchased at the local drugstore.)
My third method of choice is keeping track of your ovulation. There are dozens of free apps that make it easy to track.
Lastly, withdrawal. This one can only work if you trust the person you’re with. You need to be able to know that they can pull out in time.
And, to be clear, any pill I have encountered has severely ruined the lives of the women who take them. I have friends whose hair has fallen out or they gain weight or any number of things.
In my personal opinion, birth control pills are not healthy and should be carefully considered before they’re used.
Us ladies need to protect ourselves because if we get pregnant, there’s nothing that can stop the guy from running away. And trust me, they usually do.

Use social media to find the right college for you

Out of the PR Closet

Colleges find new ways to recruit today’s social media savvy high school students

     The above linked article describes the changing landscape of college and university advertising directed at recruiting high school students. The article describes how a variety of universities in Ohio are altering their ‘direct to student’ advertising to fit the interests of today’s high schools students. The article begins by stating that universities are still continuing their regular mailing programs but those programs are directed at parents and are not tailored for the student.

     Rob Spademan, assistant vice president of university marketing at Cleveland State University stated that 90 percent of today’s high school students are watching online videos and 25 percent are on mobile devices daily. These numbers are the reason universities are starting to spend tens of thousands of dollars in social media marketing to recruit ‘social media savvy’ high school students.

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