To Do With My Life:

Schools like to keep bungalows really cold with their air conditioning units, and I’ve never really found out why. There was a college-aged hispanic dude sitting in front of a computer, with a booklet on the desk behind him called “List of College Majors.” I was still in high school, trying to send out applications to universities, but had no idea what to list for my intended major. I thought it was a bit lame to enter “Undeclared” on there, but I would’ve done it if I had never met up with this guy.

“How can I help you out, man?”

“I don’t know what to choose for my major.”

“Well, what do you like?”

“I like airplanes, I also –”

“Airplanes?” he interrupted, “are you good at math?”

“I’ve passed all my math classes with A’s so far but I don’t know.”

“Have you thought about aerospace engineering?”


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