Aly's Guide to Surviving College (maybe.)

Midterms.  Need I say more? I have five this upcoming week, and last week…what was last week? I feel as though I’ve lost all seven of those days in a blur of hyperventilation about yet another essay being assigned (how much can one write, really, before carpal tunnel syndrome becomes a very real concern?)

Humans love avoidance.  We wait until the last minute to renew our license, and even when we get that far we decide to leave that glaringly red rejection sticker on the windshield for as long as possible. If we don’t think about it, the problem will just resolve itself…right?

Wrong. Oh, so very wrong.  Think of your homework like World War II. Pretending calculus doesn’t exist will not make your midterm any easier.  I suppose in that comparison, math is akin to Hitler.  Perhaps that wasn’t the wisest metaphor.  I do apologize, math majors.

Now, let’s…

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