Jules of Thought

College is very different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

First of all, you are living in a high-rise building containing only teenagers. This is just means for great times, annoying times, and definitely some very strange times. It’s like one giant co-ed sleepover for the entire school year that your parents can’t forbid from happening and they certainly can’t control what you do (no matter how hard they try). Technically, you have an RA who is supposed to be an authority figure and keep the peace in the dorm, but think about it, this so-called “peacekeeper” is also a college student who also does college student things, which basically means, they don’t give a shit. It is a rare occasion to have an RA that is always in the building and that goes out of their way to actually make a difference in their building.  But hey, they’re cool people…

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