Economic Doom… A beast that makes quick victims of even the most prepared. In an attempt to slip past this money monster’s maw, I am documenting my trial and error process.

As an unsullied high-school grad, I find myself fretting endlessly regarding my post-college occupational status. Hearing horror stories about out-of-work College grads, student loans stacked higher than flap jacks, has cursed me with a slew of night-terrors that can only be soothed by ample research (and writing a completely unnecessary blog.)

To combat this concern, I will be presenting a detailed task to complete each week. These tasks are intended to predict where Economic Doom lies and how to avoid a headlong hurtle into this seemingly ubiquitous being.

I may not prevail; however, I refuse to give up without a bloody battle.

Author’s Note | Hannah Lloyd -> Hannah VS Economic Doom