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How would you feel if there was an apocalyptic event and you had just graduated college?
Personally, I’d be irate. Furious.
If it happened to be a zombie apocalypse, I’d probably channel that rage into killing all the zombies I could get my hands on.
For example, a zombie would be limping toward me and I would respond by stabbing it in the eye screaming “I even filled out the f@$&ing FAFSA form!!! EVERY YEAR I FILLED THAT THING OUT!!”
The next zombie would get an earful of how many lines I had to stand in – and an earful of my knife, of course.
If I saw any of my old zombified college peers, I’d tell them about every single instance of annoyance they put me through. Being noisy on nights when I had to sleep for a test. Popping chewing gum in the library. Getting the teacher off topic.
Honestly, what would you do if you completed a huge milestone like that, just to have the world where a college degree matters for survival turn into a world where getting your face eaten by the living dead is a common cause of death?