Hey Homemade


It’s the word we millenials have heard used to describe us hundreds of times before.  Our parents have done everything from calling AAA for us when the car mysteriously broke down to specially making Kraft macaroni and cheese when we were feeling picky.  Some parents even do their adult children’s laundry in order to aid in the stressful business of their lives.  Hell, there are parents out there who fully support children in their thirties up to the point where they do their banking. 

This isn’t a rarity.  We all know a recipient of parental coddling and may even be one of them.

There’s one major problem in this coddling business: We don’t know how to do anything.

I’m all for the kindness, but life doesn’t offer trophies for being clueless.  Personally, I only learned how to do my laundry during my freshman year of college, and even then…

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