Eye of the Tiger

You learn a lot in college. But not everything is from a textbook.

  1. People change. Some people are only meant to make an brief appearance in your life. Others will have a starring role.
  2. Drink water. It’s good for you.
  3. Take out your anger or anxiety through exercise. Never underestimate the healing power of a good run.
  4. However, ice cream is always an acceptable alternative. And I’m really just referring to boy drama.
  5. Timing will never be perfect. Don’t wait. Just go for it.
  6. Life is beautiful. Treat it that way.
  7. Get a job. It’ll help you learn to manage your money and give you pride when you pick up that first paycheck.
  8. Make your bed every once and a while. Sometimes it’s nice to crawl under the covers of a freshly made bed. Even better if you actually wash your sheets.
  9. Sometimes your parents do know best. You’re welcome…

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