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EDMOND, Okla. – It was a brutal murder in 1997 that left the family of a teenage girl in agony all these years.

Police found 14-year-old Amber Creek’s body in 1997.

Someone beat, sexually assaulted and suffocated her before dumping her body in a Wisconsin marsh.

Back then, investigators sent fingerprints around the country, but no one found a match until one Oklahoma woman got her hands on them 17 years later.

“Just wanting to I.D. that print if at all possible,” said Stacy Hirschman.

Hirschman has only been working with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations for two years, but she was able to do what agents have been working to do for years.

She matched a fingerprint from plastic bound around Creek’s face, to James Eaton.

36-years-old now, Eaton would have been just 19-years-old when Creek’s body turned up in the marsh.

“Definitely was like, okay…

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