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There are many forms of birth control.
The safest, most sure way of preventing pregnancy and STIs is, of course, abstinence. This means keeping the two “danger zones” from coming into contact (leaving hands and lips to wander at will) šŸ™‚
The second best method, in my eyes, is to use a condom with a spermicide.
(Spermicide foam can also be purchased at the local drugstore.)
My third method of choice is keeping track of your ovulation. There are dozens of free apps that make it easy to track.
Lastly, withdrawal. This one can only work if you trust the person you’re with. You need to be able to know that they can pull out in time.
And, to be clear, any pill I have encountered has severely ruined the lives of the women who take them. I have friends whose hair has fallen out or they gain weight or any number of things.
In my personal opinion, birth control pills are not healthy and should be carefully considered before they’re used.
Us ladies need to protect ourselves because if we get pregnant, there’s nothing that can stop the guy from running away. And trust me, they usually do.